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The subject of many famous ukiyo-e prints, Meguro is still just as popular with locals and tourists as it appears in Japanese traditional artwork.
At Noren’s Nakameguro branch, you can find a ukiyo-e come to life through the beautifully decorated interior, themed after seasonal terms used in haiku poetry.
Immerse yourself in the story of the area and its art as you browse.

2-16-9 Kami-osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0021 Atre Meguro 1 4F
10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Directly connected from the Meguro station on JR

What’s nearby

  • 目黒不動尊(龍泉寺)
    Meguro Fudoson

    3 minutes on foot from the shop

    Meguro Fudoson (also known as Ryusenji Temple) is one of Tokyo’s most spiritually significant temples. Legend has it that the small waterfall inside the temple grounds magically appeared before a monk, and – through heatwaves, earthquakes and climate change — hasn’t stopped flowing since.

  • 大鳥神社
    Otori Shrine

    5 minutes on foot from the shop

    Thought to be the oldest Shinto shrine in Meguro, Otori draws many entrepreneurs and business owners come to pray for financial success. It’s especially popular in November during the Tori-no-ichi festival when lucky rakes are sold for good fortune in the coming year. Don’t miss the annual Reitaisai festival held in September — sword dances, music and festival food abound.

  • 五百羅漢寺
    Gohyaku-Rakan Temple

    10 minutes on foot from the shop

    Established in 1695, Gohyaku-Rakan moved to its current location in Meguro in 1908. The temple was named after the 500 wooden statues of rakan (Buddhist Saints) originally found inside. Today you can spot 305 rakan – each with different characteristics that seem to make them come alive.

  • 目黒雅叙園
    Meguro Gajoen

    7 minutes on foot from the shop

    Originally designed as a wedding venue, Meguro Gajoen is now open to the public as a hotel and events complex. Stroll around the grand building and its beautiful gardens, admiring the artwork on display. Ghibli fans should be able to spot some locations used in the award-winning Spritied Away — Miyazaki was said to have been heavily influenced by the building.

  • 目黒川の桜並木
    Meguro River

    5 minutes on foot from the shop

    The spectacular display of riverside cherry blossoms in spring have made the Meguro River famous across the world, but it’s equally beautiful to walk along throughout the rest of the year.

  • 目黒区美術館
    Meguro Museum

    10 minutes on foot from the shop

    Apart from collecting and exhibiting traditional and modern Japanese art, the Meguro Museum goes one immersive step further by holding unique workshops that enable people to learn about the materials and techniques used to create the works on display. To reach the museum from Noren Nakameguro, cross the Meguro River after taking Gonnosuke-zaka street.

  • とんかつ「とんき」
    Tonkatsu Tonki

    2 minutes on foot from the shop

    Serving up tonkatsu (breaded deep-fried pork cutlet) since 1939, this restaurant is both a local and tourist’s favorite — just check out the queue outside for proof. It’s a 2-minute walk from Noren Nakameguro.

  • 日出中学校/高等学校
    Hinode Junior and High School

    5 minutes on foot from the shop

    A great example of student and community collaboration, these two schools encourage pupils to help out in the local area during big events. One example is the Meguro Sanma Festival during which students and local residents serve up 5,000 free charcoal-grilled sanma (saury) fish to those patiently waiting in the notoriously long lines. GOOGLE MAP

  • 東京都庭園美術館
    Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

    10 minutes on foot from the shop

    This formerly royal residence and now museum boasts an interesting and informative exhibit all about how Japan adopted and appropriated western culture in the 20th century. Housed in a beautiful French art deco building, this place is well worth a visit for any history buffs looking for an insight into the birth of modern Japan. Find it in Shirokanedai, about 10 minutes walk from Noren Nakameguro.