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Noren East Bag Retro Flower Furoshiki Bag

Noren East Bag Retro Flower Furoshiki Bag

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East bag made with popular retro flower fabric

The east bag is made from a wrapping cloth made from Ren's original fabric ``Retro Flower''.

The names vary depending on the region, such as "Higashi-bukuro," "Azuma-bukuro," "Triangle-bukuro," "Azuma-bukuro," and "Azuma-bukuro," but furoshiki, which is representative of Japanese traditional culture, and Western bag culture were brought together to create a formal name. This bag is a fusion of Japanese and Western styles.

Japanese eco bags that inherited the folding culture

From ancient times, Japanese people have had a ``folding culture'' in which they ``spread out tools when using them,'' such as kimonos, furoshiki, folding fans, and futons, and ``fold them into smaller pieces'' when they are not in use.

Higashibukuro can be called a ``Japanese eco-bag'' that successfully combines the versatility and functionality of a furoshiki wrapping cloth and a bag bag.

Depending on the purpose, it can be used as a tote bag or a handbag.

The handle has a snap button, so you can carry it over your shoulder as a tote bag or shopping bag.
Tying a knot increases the strength of the handle, so you can carry even somewhat heavy items.

Comes with pockets and magnetic buttons for convenient bag organization

It has a magnetic button to close the bag.

When using a furoshiki bag, you may be worried that people can see the contents, but with this east bag, you don't have to worry.

There is a pocket inside that can store smartphones, keys, small wallets, card cases, etc. Convenient for organizing small items inside your bag, where they tend to get cluttered.


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