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Yuzen washi tea caddy 100g

Yuzen washi tea caddy 100g

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Yuzen Japanese paper tea caddy

A steel can with excellent airtightness and storage stability is decorated with Yuzen washi paper.
The beautiful appearance of the tea caddy made from Yuzen washi paper will add a touch of beauty to your interior or dining room.
It can be used not only for storing tea leaves, but also for coffee, dry goods, snacks, etc. depending on your idea.

The warm texture of Japanese paper

The highly airtight steel can is decorated with elegant yet warm Yuzen washi paper.
You can also feel the unique texture of Japanese paper.

Multi-canister for any purpose

In addition to tea leaves, it can be used for a variety of purposes such as coffee beans, nuts, and tea bags.

The patterns will click together.

It is made so that when you turn the lid, it stops where the handle fits perfectly.

With inner lid for sealing

Comes with a polyethylene inner lid to protect the contents from deterioration caused by moisture. Since it is semi-transparent, you can check the contents without opening the inner lid.

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素材:(Tea caddy body) Steel, (Outside) Yuzen Japanese paper


重量:Approximately 70g

容量:Sencha approximately 100g

生産地:Made in Japan (Shizuoka)